Tracy Keenan writes faith-infused music that speaks universally in language from R&B to pop to choral to instrumental, her work evokes the power of life and love, pain and promise, the sacred amid the earthy.  A native of Pittsburgh and currently in Columbus, Ohio, Tracy is the lead minister at Covenant Presbyterian Church, where she has served for nearly 14 years.

Her original call was to bring her creativity and musicianship to the church setting, and along the way she found herself called to the pastorate, but never lost her passion for the first vocation.

She has been the music leader for groups ranging from the Presbyterian Women's Triennial National Gathering to the National Association of Presbyterian Clergywomen to numerous retreats, workshops, and worship events. Her production, "All Your Life: Eden to Apocalypso" premiered in 2017 in Columbus, OH, and her choral-narrative piece, "One Voice" has been performed several times over her years at Covenant.

After too many requests, she has begun recording and publishing her material to make it accessible and available to others.  Check out the recordings, get some sheet music, sign up for the mailing list, or book her for an event.